Overview and Instructions

Research facts about your personal instrument.

1. Find a picture and label the parts of the instrument.
2. Tell which family it belongs to and what it is made of.
3. Write a description of how to make a sound on it.
4. Locate a fingering chart (find a link, and/or publish it in your project.)
5. Include an audio clip. Bonus for including a video clip.
6. Find at least 2 sites that give tips or information about the instrument. Include the links.

Use these and other websites to research your instrument.

The Music Room
San Francisco Kids
NY Philharmonic Kids
Learn About Instruments
DSO Kids
Oregon Symphony
Play Music
BSO Kids
Simple English Wikipedia
FlickrCC (free, legal pictures)
MyTheme Online Photo Editor
TeacherTube videos
SchoolTube videos

Answer the following questions about your instrument.

Instrument Name:Clarinet

Instrument picture with the parts labeled. Be sure to include the link where you found your picture.
[[image:file:external image clarinet-parts.jpgclarinet-parts.jpg

What family does your instrument belong to and what is it made of?
Clarinet is in the woodwind family
Clarinets are most often made from grenadilla wood. This is a heavy black wood, the same as is used for most oboes and wooden piccolos. Second most common would be plastic or resin. Clarinets were also made of metal at one time and are still seen occasionally. Some clarinets are now made of a mixture of resin and wood. And other woods besides grenadilla are sometimes used.
Describe how to make a sound on your instrument.
First You Put The Mouth Piece on You Bottom Lip then place the top lip on the mouth piece then you give it a blow without puffing your cheeks
Location of a fingering chart. Include the link.

Give a link to an audio clip of your instrument. Bonus points if you can give a link to a video of your instrument.

Give the names of at least 2 sites that have information or tips for your instrument. Include the links to the sites.