News Flash 11/16/09

Check your page at the left. I have given you needed corrections in yellow highlight on your page. If there are no corrections needed, you will not have any yellow highlights.

The pages must be finished by 11/17/09 in order to raise your grade for the progress report.

To sign in to set up and/or edit your page:

Your username is FirstLwms (First name, capital first letter of last name and lower case wms on the end) and your password is your student ID number.

For example: MaryDwms, 123456

Then click on New Page. Name the page with your first name and last initial. Click on Use Template and choose the InstrumentPoster. Click on the Create button. Make sure you save your page.

Click on EDIT to start answering the questions for your instrument. Use the links at the top of the page to research your instrument.